Ultra Elite Flaming Swords

This week we had a visit from our 3rd grade buddies- the Ultra Elite Flaming Swords! They have also been working on stories and were proud to share the books that they wrote. All of their books were wordless picture books, which helped our class understand the importance of good illustrations. After the third grade buddies “read” their books to their Kindergarten buddies, they went outside for some bonding time. It was wonderful to see the children cooperating with and supporting each other, both in the classroom and on the playground. Their relationships with their buddies are so valuable to both the third graders and Kindergarteners. Here are some photos of us in action:

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PTA Book Fair

The children were so excited to attend this book fair! They have really gotten to know each other as readers and were making book recommendations to each other, and discussing the books that they found interesting. They waited in line patiently to make their purchases and were so happy to be able to take books home with them. Some friends even found books written in their home languages! It was altogether a wonderful experience for the Fire Tigers.

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Today we began our second round of swimming classes…just in time for summer in Manila! The children were so much more comfortable the second time around and were all smiles as they made their way to the pool. Here are some action photos of them today…

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Fire Tigers Musical Show

This week the musical instruments in the classroom inspired the children to play music, compose songs, and perform live for each other and for other classes. They decided to put on a full show, with a stage, seating, tickets, concession stand, and a musical line up. The construction manager even created a list of things to do while they were constructing the stage! Watch the fun we had…

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Character Day 2015!

Our “Stories Around the World Unit” has begun and to get the children to start thinking about the characters that are in stories, we celebrated Character Day! After we paraded around the ES Playground showing off our costumes, we discussed how we can think about describe our characters with words. Here are photos of us today…

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International Day

What a full and wonderful day we had! We had 3 friends who dropped flags at the Flag Ceremony that started our day, had a delicious International Day snack (thank you, parents, for the amazing provisions), and then engaged in 5 different learning experiences, one with each Kindergarten teacher.

In our classroom, we learned about one of the countries Ms. Joanne is from- Taiwan. We did Chinese paintings, learned some Chinese words, did coin rubbings of Taiwanese coins, and practiced our chopstick skills.

Ms. Penny is from England and taught us traditional British nursery rhymes and we got to take home our own book of rhymes.

Ms. Zehra showed us images of the beautiful kite festivals in Pakistan and then helped us make our own kites to fly.

Ms. Krista taught us about her home country, Canada, and we made stick puppets of different Canadian animals.

Ms. Kristie taught us about Norwegian folk art and then we painted our own Norwegian designs.

We are truly lucky to be a part of such a diverse learning community! Here are some action photos from today…

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What is inside our bodies?

As we finish¬†up our “My Body” unit, one of our final projects is¬†drawing a life-size version of our bodies. Our third grade buddies, the Ultra Elite Flaming Swords, came to help us trace the outlines of our bodies to help us get started. Next, we reviewed some of the different things we might find inside our bodies and then took our body outlines and drew what we thought was inside our bodies. After doing research, reading books, going on our field trip, and exploring the human body app on the ipad, we have lots of ideas about what is inside us! The children used books, vocabulary cards, a giant skeleton puzzle, and the human body app to guide their thinking as they recorded their impressions of the inner workings of the human body. They collaborated as they worked, sharing their knowledge and discussing ideas.

Here are photos of us in action…

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Museo Pambata

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The Fire Tigers were so excited to finally go on a field trip together! We had fun chatting an eating snack on the bus and had a great time exploring the different rooms at the museum.

The first room we visited was called Old Manila. Here we got to see artifacts from life in Manila many years ago. We could hear information famous Filipino people, rode the Tranvia tram, and got to go inside an old style house.

The second room we went to was the Ocean room, where we could pretend we were swimming in the ocean around the Philippines. There were lots of things to touch and see and there were even sharks about!

The third room was the Rainforest room. Here we learned a bit about the different plants that grow in the Philippines. We saw different kinds of rice that is grown here and slid down the rainforest slide.

Next we went to the Human Body room! We went in through the highly anticipated giant mouth, through to the stomach and intestines. We got to explore hand-on activities that relate to various body concepts. There was a giant model of a heart that you could open and close, a digestive system interactive model, body parts that you could push on to find out what sounds they make, and even a climbing wall and shadow room.

After that we were off to the Market! Here we could pretend that we were the proprietors of various kinds of shops found here in the Philippines. There was also a fire truck that we could climb on and pretend to be fire fighters and a house on stilts that we could enter.

The next room, the Environment Room, was voted the class favorite! There was an earthquake table that simulated an earthquake and knocked down the children’s block towers, a truck with an engine to explore, a bus and bicycle that you could pretend you were riding, and displays about how to be good to the environment.

The last room we visited (not everyone came here, as most chose to stay in the Environment Room for longer), was the Careers room. Here you could pretend to do different kinds of jobs, with a focus on being a writer and illustrator.

We had a great time and recommend this museum as a place to visit another time with friends or family!


Today we visited Robolucion- the robotics expo hosted by Middle School students. The children were amazed by the variety of robots we saw, from rubik’s cube solvers, to remote control dogs, to carrot instruments, to ping pong ball shooters. They were inspired and some children have already sketched plans to make their own robots!

Here are videos and photos of the great exhibit we participated in today:

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