The Island Cracks!

Two weeks ago, we got a request from a fourth grade class to join them in a project they are working on. They are creating their own books to donate to the new library of one of our service learning partner schools. Though they have a library, they are in need of books. We gladly decided to help out by creating a book of our own to donate!

First, decided on the characters we wanted to have in our story- a fire tiger, kittens, puppies, a megalodon, and a unicorn. Next, we decided on our setting- the story would take place on an island far far away, not so long ago. Then we asked children for their ideas for how to start the story (we decided to introduce main characters and setting first) and for what should happen next. Many children contributed their ideas, keeping in mind that the story should have a problem and solution, should include all of our characters, and be interested to read. They came up with a very original and creative story! The next step was for teachers to type the story (we decided that it should be bilingual in English and Filipino) and the children illustrated each page. We kept in mind that the picture should match what the words on the page say, that we can add things like details, color, and action to make the pictures more interesting, and that we should do our best because it will be a published book in someone’s library. Lastly, we made our dedication to the children of the Philippines, and decided what information we wanted to put on our “About the Authors” page.

Here is our finished product!

YouTube Preview Image

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