Welcome Back!

It was wonderful to see both parents and children refreshed after the holiday. The past two weeks have been spent getting back into routines and starting our new unit- “I Am Growing”.

Last week, as friends came together again after a long break, some Whale Shark friends began to show interest in physically aggressive play. Rather than suppress these natural tendencies, we have been trying to channel these impulses into play that allows for some aggression within clear parameters. We read the book Sumo Boy and taught the children some modified Sumo wrestling rules. Then, we invited Mr. Steve in to our class (he is a Sumo expert) and he taught us how to engage in this sport. We even created our own Sumo ring for our Sumo matches! As a result, the children who are exploring aggressive play themes could express themselves, but in a safe and contained way. See our scary “Sumo faces” in our photo slideshow….

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With our new take-home reading program in place, it seems like many of the children are reading more than ever! We have been very impressed with the chidlren’s progress and have been surprised at how quickly many of them are moving up through the color dot baskets in our leveled library. Last semester, our focus was on word strategies and on making connections between the book and our own lives during reading. We have started this semester with reinforcing previous learning, and adding the strategy of asking questions while reading. Take a look at us in action with our reading partners practicing our skills….

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Our class loves cooking, so this week we decided to make some bread. After we watched the yeast “eat its snack”, we mixed the ingredients, kneaded the dough, and then let the dough “take a nap”. We talked about how we do a lot of our growing while we sleep, and that the dough would also grow as it sleeps. The children were surprised to see how the dough doubled in size after its “nap”! Then we shaped our dough into little C’s, as we have been practicing writing all of our “magic c” letters this week. The best part was getting to eat the bread warm from the oven- it was so delicious that the children ate it all up and were begging for more! If you would like to try making this with your child at home, here is the link:


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2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. It sure looks like everyone is getting back into the school routine. I love the fact that so much reading is going on in and out of the classroom! Keep up the good work, Whale Sharks.
    Your bread sounds so yummy and I bet it smelled very, very good. Maybe when Cora comes back to the United States this summer for a visit, she and I can make bread together.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what else you will be doing this semester and reading your blog.

    Gramma Pierce
    Fayetteville, New York
    United States

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